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Hi, I'm Edmond Lu, Chinese-Canadian ex-Journalist and photographer, now freelance. Interested in issues of community building and moderation, decolonization, art, games, and intersectional leftist politics.

My pronouns are He/Him.

This is my GPG key.


If the last year has taught me anything is that the worst thing about the colonial violence I've experienced here is that it has robbed me of the ability to trust other Asian folks. In 2020 I hope to find online and offline progressive spaces for Asian folks. The "for" here is an important distinction, for the other big realization I made is that spaces are *friendly* to POC is not at all the same as spaces that are *for* POC, however well-meaning.


Not sure if it helps y'all out there in the UK but this really helped me, CW for some slightly ableist language:

Those who would oppress us, whether it's the white, cis, het, rich, powerful or any combination thereof, aren't tested time and again. Whether that's day by day or generation by generation. We get stronger, and they don't, I have to believe that.