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Finished the latest season of GLOW last night, some quick thoughts:

it's a really fun and consistent show and manages to just talk about wrestling enough without being so bogged down in the weeds where it becomes not fun for people who aren't into wrestling.

The show also *generally* doesn't let its characters off the hook for their bigotry under the guise of "the times", which is kinda new for a show like this.

Still not a fan of Marc Maron or his character. The trope of a dude who is an asshole but is redeemed by being just a baseline decent human being toward the women around him is tired as hell and Maron brings absolutely nothing new to that character. (Spoilers Ahead in rot13) Gur ebznagvp cybg orgjrra Fnz naq Ehgu srryf obgu pbzcyrgryl cerqvpgnoyr naq harnearq.